Thursday, June 13, 2013

Last Day of School

I'm one of those weird moms that loves summer vacation and gets sad when the kids go back in the fall.  Today was our last day.  My son's last year in middle school and my daughter's last year in elementary school.  Luckily I still have two left in elementary school.  I went to pick up  kid#1 and all of the teachers were outside in the parking lot waving to all of the honking school buses full of kids waving back.  It made me cry.  I am so thankful for people who become teachers.  Thank you for touching our children's lives and helping them grow.
My daughter and I made M&M gift bags for all of their teachers.  I originally thought, hey four kids, that's four teachers, how easy is that?  Wrong!  We ended up making 32!  I forgot about all of the teachers that are involved in my making my kids awesome.  I found this awesome poem on Pinterest (ofcourse) and can't find the source of it, so if you wrote it, tell me and thank you!
Here's the poem that I retyped and added a little "Laura" flair too! 
You can use it if you want. Just right click and do your thing!
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