Friday, March 4, 2011

Bunches of Punches

So.. my punches are not exactly sharp.  When I say 'not exactly sharp'  I really mean totally suckish.  I punch and have to finish cutting out the shape with scissors.  Ugh!  Everyone tells me to just punch through foil and it will amazingly sharpen them.  NOT!  Ok, to be honest, it is possible that it might have sharpened them a tiny bit but I really didn't notice.  Today, someone told me to use a soda can.  I really didn't believe it because in theory it shouldn't work.  I mean you don't cut metal/aluminum unless you want to dull your knife, not sharpen it.  I tried it and it totally worked.  I recommend this tip.  Just be careful when cutting a soda can because it is sharp.  I used a pair of scissors, should've used gloves.  Flatten it out and then punch through it a few times. 

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